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About CAMTechPros

Family owned and operated we ship our great product nationwide and serve a very large region for Southern California and Southern Nevada for custom installations. This includes Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas and their surrounding areas. We provide the most reliable, trusted and professional service in the business.

We built CAMTECHPROS with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our goals, and we think you will see that when you call or chat online with us. Being family owned and operated, we love being able to meet new people and see the amazing impact our products and services have on their lives. We can help you gain peace of mind, and with our recommended Elite Series, you can get crystal clear Live HD Streaming Video of your surveillance system straight to your phone or computer no matter where you are.

Services and Benefits

CAMTECHPROS knows in today's world everyone is on the go. Almost everyone is constantly using there cell phone or smart device to access this new digital-world we now live in, so we also wanted to make sure you can access what means the most to you while on the go. With our security camera systems you can now be in two place at once. All of our systems come standard with remote viewing - giving you full access to view and control them from anywhere in the world.

When selecting a CCTV system there are a few options available, but if you want to be able to have great quality at a price anyone can afford then stick with our Elite Series. (view demo now!) It is able to produce 1080p-HD live viewing and records at 720p-HD. At that resolution you are no longer watching the laughable burglary surveillance videos that you see on the nightly news. You are getting crisp, clean, and clear video transmission all at a price lower than any other HD option out there. You will wonder why you waited so long to purchase such a useful technology.

All of our surveillance systems are reliable, easy to use, and come with a 2 year warranty. Give us a call, and you will see how knowledgeable and friendly we are. Whatever your needs are, from our baseline Edge Series Analog Systems to our top of the line Prime Series IP Systems giving 1080P-HD(and beyond!) video quality, we have it available and can help you decide what fits your individual needs.

We have installation services available for Southern California and Southern Nevada, too. We can provide installation at any type of location.


Your home is a place you should feel safe and secure. There is no better way to protect your loved ones and assets than by getting a Security Camera System installed now. We do custom installs for custom homes. Whether you need 32 cameras or 4, we can help. You can even view them when you're away from home.


Whether you need it to keep track of employees or to prevent theft our CCTV systems will meet your needs. You are even able to schedule motion detection to send notifications to you. I know you can think of a couple of instances right now where you wish you had one installed. Don't hesitate. Get it installed. You will be happy you did.


Are you in a warehouse or factory setting? Shipping, clothing manufacturing, car manufacturing, or anywhere with large areas that need surveillance? No problem. With our new Elite Series Cameras we can get a long distance HD transmission at a lower cost.
Savings + Clear HD Image? Awesome.


Keep track of your store and employees, reduce theft losses, and even get your point of sale (POS) register data saved right to your DVR. This is every store owners exact need. Not want. Need. Protect yourself and your assets - get a security camera system installed. We even have small spy camaras for places like mall kiosks.

Extended Support & Maintanence Plans

These are not required when purchasing our services, but we offer these packages because we care.

$15/Month Residential
$25/Month Commercial
Annual Quality Assurance Check-up
Free Tech Support 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
Discount Onsite equipment or repairs 10%
Prioritized appointments
All plans available for Pre-existing systems that were were not installed by CamTechpros after an inspection is completed and approved
$20/Month Residential
$35/Month Commercial
Annual Quality Assurance Check-up
Free Tech Support 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
50% Discount on 2 Emergency onsite service
13% Discount Onsite equipment or repairs 10%
Prioritized appointments

$45/Month Residential
$90/Month Commercial
Two Annual Quality Assurance Check-up
Free 24/7 Technical phone support
6 Free Emergency onsite equipment or repairs
Appointments within 24 hours
Includes Loaner DVR for equipment that is malfunctioning



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